About Us

Esgent is a new estate agents working for peanuts and sometimes free of charge but eager to sell your property or estate for you.

We can sell property and estate ranging from £35 million to £300 thousand.

Please look through and contact us for availability.

If you are selling your property finding a good estate agent to work for you can be harder than you think as most high street agents simply want you to register with them.

Since there are so many reviews about bad estate agents you will be glad to have found us because we will prove that we are definitely not one them.

We are here to help if you are looking for a good estate agent willing to work for you throughout the process either buying or selling a property.

We have set up the Esgent to provide a good free services to help the house buyer the house seller and all estate agents. Esgent is Free Independent Advertising Estate Agents looking forward to help when things becomes slow in buying or selling your property. We are offering free services, free advertising and free publicity.

If you have property for sale get as much free publicity as possible for quick sale. You don't have to design your advertisements simply send all the details of your property and we will professionally design the pages for you free of charge.

Please note: We do not sell any properties.